Changed password

Hey all,

  The password to access the dashboard has changed - I think that it may have something to do with me trying to delete and re-create an account.

  I’ve been having a hard time trying to change the IP address to static.  I want to change to static so that I can go to all the computers that will be accessing the device and have Java remember the IP address as safe.

  The trouble began when I changed the IP address to static - I could still access the device, but after logging into wd2go I would have to manually change the IP address in the URL to the static address - This really annoyed me and I tried changing it back to dynamic. 

  I also tried deleting my account so that I could recreate it and now I am locked out of the dashboard completely.

  When I try and log in with the password that I have always used, it tells me that it is incorrect.

  I have pressed the button on the side and tried entering “admin” but that has not worked either.

Ok so…

I just tied another password that I changed “admin” to a while ago and it has worked - (My error…)

Now back to the IP change - How can I get wd2go to automatically direct the login to the correct IP address?

I found this error whilst looking thought the settings under connection status

“Cannot establish remote access connection. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. (Error 31520)”

It’s like that thing has decided to go into self destruct mode!

Hold on… I’m confused… Why on earth are you using java to access the Duo when you’re on your own net? … And where are you getting WD 2go URLs that contain IP addresses instead of host names?

Ok, so…

I open a new tab - Enter the URL

Enter my email and password

(at the moment I have no devices, because I tried to remove it and re-add it.  This will be my next problem, because there does not seem to be a simple way of doing this…)

The devices are brought up - The user clicks on the device.

If you look at the URL here, it starts with the IP address of the Live duo for me (and other users that use this) - This was incorrect: The last number was a 3, and it should be 80 because of the static IP address I assigned.  To get around this, the last number of the IP address can be corrected and then the next stage is gone to.

The next page has its elements blocked by Firefox (I’ve also seen it blocked in Chrome and IE), because the current java toolkit is unstable - My work around is to go to Control panel, click Java, and add the IP address of the Live Duo; that way the browser gives you the option of using the Java pluggin.

When you run the Java pluggin you get the option to open the folders, ect…

Right, but what I’m asking is. Why are you using WD 2go when you’re on your own network? WD 2go is meant for REMOTE access only… Not local access…

Our experience was that using the MyBook live duo directly was problematic - When accessing the device through wd2go we found that all the little problems went away: So we kept using it.

Ok - I’ve added a DNS and now I have connectivity to the web

And now lastly, how do I re-add my device to my wd2go devices?

From the MBLD’s web UI.

Settings / Remote Access / Web Access

Delete the account email if you need to, then re-add it.

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Ok here is the steps I went though (if anyone is struggling with the same thing…)

Settings > Remote Access > Web Access

Entered all the info…

Error: 31602 - The web access account you requested for cound note be created. Ensure that you do not have any network connectivity issues and try again.

Check Network > LAN Configuration > Internet Access = Good


Disconnect power and reconnect power to the Live Duo

Log back in

Wait for “Initializing device” to finish

Settings > Remote Access > Web Access

Entered all the info…

“Registration Email Sent…”

Followed link and logged in - Java update recommended -> Followed link to update Java (both 32bit and 64bit, because I use 64/32bit interchangably): However, I just updated the 32bit for now.
Wait for update 55 to complete…

Security will not let me run Java

Add URL to Java security exceptions, reset browser

Application Error: The application was blocked even though the host site of the html file at: [URL] is included in the Exception Site List because the application refers to resources on multiple domains…

Added the same URL into the Java security exceptions, but with a http instead of https

Folders have come up :slight_smile: