Changed IP and can't access now - Help

Got a static IP and was trying to configure My Book Live Duo. I saved changes but since then I can’t access the drive. Stupid on my part to have done this without realizing the repercussions.

I can’t access the drive thru the new IP or the old LAN IP now. Even WD link doesn’t find the drive.

How do I access my drive now? Is there a way to re-set settings without losing the data that resides on it?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ok…preseed the re-set and back to normal now. Didn’t lose any data but had to set up the Admin password again.

Still need to figure out how to set up the static IP on my router for NAS access  (my ISP provides me with a Static IP).

Managed to set up the port forwarding and all works well now.

However, I can’t access UI outside of my netowrk (I guess WD has blocked this).