Changed a network device and mybook live doesn't work properly now

I have a problem with my mybook live not finding other machines.

I had an Iomega home media hard drive and a Lenovo EZmedia drive with safepoints on them.

Then the Iomega failed and was replace with a second Lenovo EZmedia (under warranty)


However the mybook live can’t find either Lenovo when they are both on the LAN.

When I do create safe point it fails with an error #35849 while doing network discovery.

It can find either if its the only one on the LAN.

I can always see all the machines from the PCs or from the Lenovos.

The mybook live also fails to find some of the shares on the lenovo boxes now.

Any ideas how to fix it?

Make sure that all of the devices are part of the same Workgroup, you can also try to setup a static IP for all of your devices.  

All the devices are in the same workgroup.

They get a fixed IP address assigned by the DHCP server.