Change the Title of a Movie after the latest Firmware upgrade?

I’m sorry if this is a repeat of another thread, but I have not found a solution since the latest firmware update.

The Problem: I have a folder on the local drive of the hub called Band of Brothers. Inside the folder are all 10 episodes; the files are named 01-Curahee.m2ts, 02-Day of Days.m2ts, etc. After scanning for the metadata, the titles are changed to Curahee, Day of Days, etc. but the files are then totally out of sequence in the folder. Six months from now I am not going to remember the sequence of the episodes with out referring to the DVD case.

There was a way to change the title before the firmware update by editing the movie.xml file. So far I have not found a way to get the episodes back in the right sequence.

Does anyone have a solution?

Why cannot you just edit the xml for each file still.  The xml files are in a different place but that shouldnt make a difference, unless there is something I am missing.

No, right now there isn’t a solution for changing the title with the 2.03.24 FW.  It seems that just changing the title in the .xml doesn’t affect the title name (other than when you select “Options” then “View Info”).  It appears that there is something in the flash memory that doesn’t get overwritten by the .xml as to the title, eventhough you can change pretty much everything else in the .xml.  See the thread HERE for a bugs list.

There are to things that you can try for now:

  1. Go to Setup / System / Media library, then select Clear Media Library, this may return the title name to the file name & extension (this is hit & miss, since it depends on what title is in the flash memory).  Clearing the media library does not delete your metadata, it only clears the flash memory, just so you know.

  2. You could create playlist for your episodes, then filter by playlists, it should then show your episodes in the order you created for the playlist.

Tried that several times. When you rename the title in the xml file, the Title reverts back to the entire file name. i.e. 01-Curahee.m2ts