Change the drive name

Earlier today I found a post on the site (somewhere) which mentioned an idea about renaming the external drive.

This post gave details about installing Smartware, updating firmware etc, etc leaving the vcd as one drive then renaming the external drive.

Well…I followed the instructions and …voila…I now have a lovely, compliant external drive with one name and the vcd/Smartware named as something else.

No confusion for me and easy to pick out which drive is the one I want.

Only trouble…I can’t find that post again and I wanted to thank whoever it was who posted it.

It seems to work…a lot easier than boiling the whole drive in RINSO:smileyvery-happy:

@community managers/staff

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I feel that this post by Trifles highlights my point.

Issues should be managed so that duplicate issues are merged. Under the “WD Smartware” title, there are 4 pages with approximately 30 issues on each page. WD Smartware is buggy software, but it has not got 120 separate issues!

Trifles or any other community member is NOT going to trawl through over 100 posts looking for shared issues/solutions.

It appears that some one has missed out on some well deserved kudos!