Change static IP address

My MBL has a static ip address in the 192.168.2 range. Today I received a new modem/router which uses the 192.168.1 range. I cannot reach the MBL to change the static IP address. For my sinology NAS there was a tool available to change the IP address. I haven’t found anything like that yet for my MBL. Does anyone have an idea how to access the MBL so I can change the static IP address.

There are probably other ways, but here’s something that should work.

  1. Disconnect both your MBL and computer from your router, and connect your MBL directly to your computer’s Ethernet port.

  2. Change your Ethernet adapter’s properties. Give it a static IP addr (different from your MBL’s addr) in the subnet. Your browser should now be able to talk with your MBL dashboard…

  3. Change your MBL’s static addr to something in the subnet. If successful your browser will lose communication with your MBL.

  4. Change your computer’s Ethernet adapter’s static IP addr to something in the subnet - something other than the addr you gave the MBL. Your browser should now be able to reach the MBL dashboard again. (That’s just a test. You don’t need to do anything on the dashboard.)

  5. Uncable your MBL and computer. Hook them back up to your router.

  6. Assuming your computer does not normally have a static PI addr, change your Ethernet adapter setting back to using DHCP.

With luck you will be back in business. If you have other devices with static IP addrs you will have to go through a similar process with them.

Yes this solved the problem. Thank you very much for the quick reply and the detailed description.

This did not work for me, but I must admit I am not at all technically inclined. I followed the steps as best I could but must admit I was not really sure what the dns server ip address should be vs the subnet or which TCIP I was to change, etc.
Can someone please provide a truly detailed description for dummies, including where to find the information to be replaced. I do not even know what a static ip is.
Please help.
Thank you