Change router

My modem router only has 2 ethernet ports. As well as the mycloud, I have purchased the wd live tv, which needs to be connected to the network. As such I found out an old belkin n+ router modem that I had. I set up the modem router with my other laptop and established an internet connection. I then connected my main laptop and sure enough the internet was working with new belkin modem router. Unfortunately, the connection kept dropping out. I therefore reconnected my old modem/router. Everything working again. I then wanted to check if mycloud was still working. (I have transferred close to 100gb of files to the 3tb hard drive. I doulble clicked on the mycloud dashboard icon, which redirected me to unfortunately this could not be found. I clicked onto the WD mycloud icon, which required an update. After update, I had to manually configure or find mycloud. For some reason is no longer valid, but when I alter this to I find mycloud ok. I can work with this, but when I click on my computer, the 3tb hard drive is listed as N drive with as the lised name. Unfortunately, windows 7 will not allow me to rename the 3 to a 5 and will not find the drive as part of the network. :angry:

Do I need to reinstall the software? I am a little reluctant to try anything untill I can be sure. I used windows synctoy to transfer the nearly 100gb of files and I suspect that this will no longer work.

I would greatly appreciate help with this one:smiley:

Right Click and Disconnect the drive, easy as a pie, and just reconnect again.

Btw you use DHCP, try to use static IP, or if you are afraid of it bound the IP address in router to your My cloud via MAC address, and it wont change IP everytime you restart it. Ask an expert if you have no idea what to do :slight_smile:

I have done as you have said right click and disconnect. The drive has disappeared now when I click my computer. How do I find it and reconnect again? I’m not that experienced with these thing.