Change permissions on My Passport Ultra

When I connect the MyPassport Ultra to my computer post-SSD install, I can see all the backups from my original hard drive, but don’t have permission to access them. I see a little red ‘do not enter’ icon and when I click any of the folders the message that I get is that it “can’t be opened because you don’t have permission to see its contents”. 

I’m wondering how I can change the permissions on the drive to access the files from the original drive on my new drive. I do have the old hard drive, but not the means or the knowledge to hook it up and change the settings that way. 

I honestly didn’t even know that this would be an issue. My boyfriend and I share an external and I can see all his files, probably because he set it up correctly.


Thanks in advance :) 


Hi lisamon, welcome to the WD Community. See if the following link helps.