Change PCB on a HD?


Just had a breakown on my HD (WD6401AALS-00E8B0). AND my backup is corrupted :frowning:

Maybe the fault is in the electronics. 

Could I buy another WD6401AALS and swob the PCBs?

Thansk 4 ur support!


There are people that say it works and people that say it doesn’t work. Try to contact fzabkar since he’s a pro on PCBs.

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I’m not a data recovery professional, but the rule with modern WD drives is that a straight board swap has a low chance of working. This is because each board stores unique, drive specific “adaptive” data, either in an 8-pin serial flash memory chip at location U12 near the Marvell MCU, or, if U12 is vacant, within the MCU itself.

If this is your board …

… then you are out luck. U12 is vacant, so you will need to find a board supplier who will transfer the adaptive data for you. You could try

That said, if your drive spins up and is detected with its correct capacity and model number, then the problem is most likely an internal one.

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It is indeed my board.

Too bad.

Thanks a lot!