Change of server

Last week I change my server to take advantage of optical fiber at home.
From that day I cannot get access to my WD my cloud Mirror (gen 2) in order to modify some parameters (mainly start/stop time). Actually, with my PC (Windows 10) I can get the connexion page, I give the pathword but then nothing happen (it is not a problem of pathword).
On the other hand, it is strange that I still continue to get access to content of WD with My Cloud OS5!

Hi @SteRom,

As My Cloud is not accessible after replacing the router, changing internet service providers (ISP) or relocating the My Cloud to a different network, please refer to this KBA article:My Cloud Not Accessible - Change Router, ISP or Network

Hello @Neha_07,

Thank you for answering my question. This is exactly what I am looking for. I will try it as soons as possible.

On your side, do you have this type of equipment? May be you could help me, if you agree, because I think the configuration of my MyCloud Mirror is not optimal at all.

Best Regards,