Change of disk (WD My Book World Edition II)


I have a little problem, I replaced both hard drives in the “My Book World Edition II” 2 x 1 TB to 2 x 2 TB and since my device unbootable.

I think the mistake I committed is to have deleted the two old disks (deletion of partitions and formatting a new partition).

Would someone give me the opportunity to the size of individual disk partitions included in the device and type of each partition.

It may also be necessary to load on a utility partition a startup …

If someone could find me this utility iso format.

Thank you in advance, information will be welcome

The operating system was on the drives, once you formatted them, you lost the operating system.  There is nothing that can be done for you.  You will need to RMA the whole drive. 

thank you for the answer

Would Someone who could make a copy of the partition boot iso. for me to recover?

thank you