Change location of /var/log/sshd.log

When it comes to securing my home network, I’m a bit paranoid. I’ve successfully configured SSH for three additional login IDs and their default directories. I’ve turned OFF FTP access to the NAS since I’m using sftp clients; the NAS sees these connections as SSH so there is no need to have plain text ftp enabled. I’ve found the log file that is updated with every SSH connection attempt, successful or not. I want to be notified every time a SSH connection is initiated to the NAS. There are two ways I can accomplish this, the best would be if the NAS could send an SMS predetermined text message to a predetermined number whenever an SSH connection is initiated. If this is not possible, another way would be to have my Windows system perform the task. In order to set that up, windows would need to monitor that file, To make that file accessible to my windows system I need to change the configuration of where that file is saved to; preferably to one of the NAS’ shares that I can set up a permanent network drive on the windows system.

Anyone have any idea where the configuration for the location of that log file is?

OR setup SMS from the NAS when it is updated?

Thank You !!

Add it to the SSH server config.

I’m not a Linux guru, so please bear with me. I’m assuming the SSH Server config is the sshd_config file locate in /etc/ssh/ directory. I couldn’t find any reference in that file to the log or it’s location to make a change.

Or am I missing something obvious?

Thank You!

Actually, I was wrong.

OpenSSH uses syslogd for logging.

You’d need to look at: