Change Location of MyCloud Offline Sync Folder?


I have a MacBook Pro (2012) with two hard drive 256GB SSD - OS and a 2TB HDD - Storage.

I’d like to have the MyCloud Offline Sync folder be located on the larger secondary internal drive, vs on my desktop that is taking up space on my smaller SSD.

Can I move/point the folder to the other drive?

Also, I can’t “right” click and tell any folders on the secondary internal drive to “sync to MyCloud” the option is only present for folders on the primary drive that contains the OS.


Is the 2TB HDD an external drive? Or do you have the HDD where the optical drive typically is? Either way really that location is not supported by MCH desktop sync. Only files and folders in the following paths are supported for Desktop sync on Mac

Mac Supported Desktop Sync Locations

The My Cloud Home Desktop Sync supports the following directories and folders and locations on a Mac computer.

The Desktop and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Desktop
Documents and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Documents
Downloads and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Downloads
Music and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Music
Movies and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Movies
Pictures and folders inside of Users<USER_NAME>\Pictures

More info on Desktop sync

Its an internal second drive, I pulled the DVD/Disc drive out and replaced it with an additional storage drive.