Change from public to private plus

Few problems here. Can’t access my private account on my WD my cloud. It was created but I can’t get the PW to work. Also, I have out 99% of my things in a public account but now want them all private. What do I do?

Reset the admin password

When you say you created a “private account” are you talking about creating a User account through the My Cloud Dashoard User page? Or are you talking about creating a user account through the web portal site? They are two different accounts that are used for two different purposes.

If you are connecting remotely to your My Cloud using the WD apps/software or the web portal you would use the username/password created through the web portal. If you are accessing your My Cloud locally on your local network, for any private share which has been configured to grant a user access, you would use the User name and password created through the My Cloud Dashboard > User page.

If you haven’t already done so you may want to read through the My Cloud User Manual (found on the WD Support website) or the My Cloud Dashboard Help. Both will explain how to setup Users, configure Shares for Private, assign user permissions to that Private Share, how to setup remote access and a remote access account through the MyCloud web portal.

I’m going to act stupid here (covering for the fact that I am clueless about these things) and say I don’t know. There is an account with my first name so I assume I set that up somehow. I recall a web page with 10.0…something and I have something on my iphone that links this too. On my laptop I save things by going to network and then mycloud and then public because I can’t access the one with my name on it! I remember spending hours having the cloud do a back up of my last laptop (thank God because the MB fried a week later). I think all that went to public but I know there is data on the one with my name as well.

So I guess what I want is to get rid of the public part and make it all private under my name. Reason? Too many people in my house all using my wifi so they are on my network and I feel like they could access some private things which I put in public. Paranoid? A little bit. When you talk smack about people you shouldn’t do it to their face. I write it down and then I feel better.

So yeah, my head spins when I read through that manual. Isn’t there a way to star fresh but keep the data already on the cloud?

Thank you :slight_smile:

See the reset link information Ctp_paranoia posted above and perform a 4 second reset which will reset the administrator login on the My Cloud to default.

Then access the My Cloud Dashboard and from there you can read the My Cloud Dashboard Help. The Dashboard Help and the User Manual both give general steps for how to configure both Users and Shares. Or see the following links:

Thank you. Will attempt this weekend and see what happens. Can I ask another question tho related to my fears? I have not given nor set-up anyone else on my “mycloud”. There are numerous people who auto connect to my home wifi (I disabled the hotspot my cable company thinks we should share with anyone who parks outside my house). But when people who have my wifi PW connect can they go to network and see my stuff on the cloud?

If they have access to your local network via WiFi, then, yes, they can access your MyCloud.

Provided you move your files into a private share, with access rights set correctly, and a password on the user account, they will not be able to see your files on the file server.

If you enable media sharing on your private share, and turn on the Twonky DLNA media server, they will be able to see/play any media files with a DLNA client (photos, videos, music).

It may be worth looking to see if your router supports a ‘guest mode’, that provides password-protected access to your router, but only allows external internet access, and prevents access to your local network. You could then move your housemates on to this guest access, by giving them the guest password, and changing the password to your local network WiFi access point.

No. When you configure Private Shares and assign User permissions to those Shares within the My Cloud Dashboard, one will need both the User name and that user password to access the Private Share. Generally WiFi access relies on just the password. So long as the people connecting to your network via WiFi don’t have any of the User names and user Passwords they should not be able to access (using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder) any Private Share contents.

There is one thing to understand however. If you have Media Serving enabled on a Private Share, any DLNA client will be able to access that media. The DLNA protocol does not respect user name/passwords on Shares. The solution is to disable Media Serving on a Private Share through the Dashboard.

Thank you. So you mean that the “public” share is still only seen by me on my devices?

No. ALL Shares names will be seen by anyone who can access the My Cloud. BUT when a Share is configured for Private through the My Cloud Dashboard one cannot access the CONTENTS of that Share without providing a User name and password that has been granted the proper access permission to that Share.

There is a very simple way to test this out. Create a Share, set it to Private but do not grant anyone including the administrator access to that Share. Then try to access that Share from your computer or mobile device. You should be prompted to enter a username/password for it. Public means just that, open and available to anyone who can access the My Cloud. Unfortunately one cannot, officially, configure the main Public Share to Private.

If you haven’t done so already you really should take some time to read through Chapter 6 Managing Users and Chapter 7 Managing Shares in the My Cloud User manual:

That’s funny sort of because we have a “hotspot” that the cable company turns on for sharing. It also means people can sit outside my house and use it for free. I shut it off but it would make more sense to turn it back on and let them use that. Don’t even have to give them a PW because none is needed. I would simply have to change my router name and PW which is easy.

Thanks for mentioning that!