Change from, first RAID 1 to RAID5 and goal is RAID10

Hi thanks to WD support earlier on. I’ve gone from using 2 slots bye buying 2 more disks to my DL4100. Now i got four dices i changed the raid to 5, my goal was raid10. The Dacboard only showed alternative to Raid 5. The question is can i go to RAID 10 from here. Thank you for your answer as a replay.

Why am i writing to this forum, i do ask my self, its like a jungle.

I don’t know. This forum isn’t for DL4100 owners, so we won’t be able to help.

The forum I pointed you to IS for dl4100 owners, so they may be able to help.

@Hardar Is it really a jungle, the photos out to the left should help! Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.