Change folder names in Explorer not reflected in Sonos

I have just copied all my music to Z:\iTunes Media\Music (z being the drive I mapped mycloud to on nmy Windows laptop). I had two folders, one called “Cold Play” and one called “Coldplay”. From Windows explorer I moved all music from “Cold Play” into “Coldplay” and deleted the now empty “Cold Play” folder. All looks good from Windows Explorer.

However, as I view the folder structure from my Sonos, the old two folder structure still exists. This is also the same from a read only view I have of mycloud device within Windows Explorer (think this was automatically detected) where it will not allow me to change anything.

Do I need to initiate a content scan on my mycloud device? I know its not my Sonos as the other Explorer view is also displaying the old folder structure.

Thanks. Hopefully my explanation is clear.

Sonos is probably accessing via DLNA, rather than direct to a file server. In which case, it may be showing the metadata tag, rather than the filename. Changing folder names won’t change metadata; you will need a decent media library manager or a metatadata tag editor.

iTunes? [shudders in horror…]

If Sonos is browsing the DLNA database ‘By Folder’, then yes, you may need to re-scan the DLNA database.

cpt_paranoia, thank you for your reply. I have rescanned and rebuilt the dlna db within the UI as well as a rescan within Twonky Server but no luck. Is there another way to update the metadata to reflect the changes I made to the folder structure within Windows Explorer?

Thanks again

Re-scanning the media would only change what you see if you’re browsing the DLNA database ‘By Folder’ i.e. using the physical folder/file names to browse.

If you’re browsing using a ‘view’ based on the metadata tags embedded in the file, then re-scanning won’t change what you see, since you have not changed the embedded metadata in the file.

(Most DLNA clients offer a number of ‘views’ of the database: ‘By Folder’, ‘By Artist’, ‘By Album’, ‘By Genre’, etc. ‘By Folder’ is based on the physical file name. the others are based on metadata tags in the file. I don’t know what ‘views’ Sonos offers.)

So, you need to modify the embedded metadata. As mentioned above, this can be done with a media library manager (even iTunes* may be able to do this…) or a dedicated tag editor (e.g. MP3Tag).

Windows File Explorer may be able to edit metadata tags for certain media file types: if you select the ‘Details’ view, you can enable columns to show additional attributes (just like file date, size, type, etc. that are ‘normally’ shown). You may be able to edit the metadata tags there, just like you’d change the filename.

ps. be very afraid… once you start editing metadata, you can get very obsessive about it… Metadata is the bane of a digital media collector’s life…

Awesome. Thank you do much cpt_paranoia. That has got it.

p.s. I see what you mean on the obsessive front. Kind of addictive isn’t it :smile: