Change folder for SD import?

HI there,

can I add a new folder and use this one for SD card imports? Or is there an option to import SD card stuff (images) right into the import folder without that many subfolders? Would be good to have all imported files in one single place.


Create a new folder and move (copy/paste) contents of imports folder into new folder.

Thanks but that´s by far not what I´m intending to do. Of course I can always copy contents to another folder but that doesn´t make any sense to me. The WD drive is a pure backup system that I use on location as a photographer. When I´m back from shooting I copy the files to another disk anyway.

What I really want is to define ONE folder on the WD drive where all images from my SD card go to when I insert the card in the card slot without adding tons of subfolders.

look in /sbin, there looks like a scripts for SD card backup - - there was, for example, :


Used to triiger Storage Transfer process


. /etc/nas/config/sdcard-param.conf
. /etc/nas/config/sdcard-transfer-status.conf
. /etc/nas/config/usb-transfer-status.conf
. /etc/system.conf


Output script log start info

#echo "Start: basename $0 date"
#echo “Param: $@”


Begin Script

timestamp=$(date “+%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S”)
echo $timestamp “:” $@ >> /tmp/backup.log


if [ “${AutoTransfer}” == “false” ]; then
exit 0
if [ -f “/tmp/SDCard_AutoProcessing” ] || [ “${TransferStatus}” != “completed” ]; then
echo $timestamp “: exit: TransferStatus” ${TransferStatus} >> /tmp/backup.log
exit 1

SDpartitionNum=`ls /tmp/mmcblk0*-info | wc -l`
if [ "${SDpartitionNum}" == "0" ]; then
	echo $timestamp ":  SDCard_AutoStorageTransfer None SDpartitionNum:" ${SDpartitionNum} >> /tmp/backup.log
	exit 1

if [ "$USB_TransferStatus" != "completed" ]; then
	echo "TransferStatus=standby:Auto:""$sdmethod" > /etc/nas/config/sdcard-transfer-status.conf
	touch /tmp/SDCard_AutoProcessing

	while [ "$DiskNum" != "0" ]; do
		if [ "$SDpartitionNum" == "1" ]; then
			sdshare=`cat /tmp/mmcblk0*-info | awk -F: '{print $1}'`
			sdshare=`cat /tmp/mmcblk0*-info | awk -F: '{print $1}' | sed -n ${DiskNum}p`
		DiskNum=`expr $DiskNum - 1`

		#Running=`sqlite3 /usr/local/nas/orion/jobs.db  'select jobstate_id from Jobs where jobstate_id=2' | wc -l`
		#Waiting=`sqlite3 /usr/local/nas/orion/jobs.db  'select jobstate_id from Jobs where jobstate_id=1' | wc -l`
        #if [ "${Running}" -eq "0" ] && [ "${Waiting}" -eq "0" ]; then
		#echo status=waiting > /tmp/transfer_state
		/usr/local/sbin/ "/${sdshare}" &
		echo $timestamp ": SD jobs trigger" $sdshare >> /tmp/backup.log
   		sleep 30
if [ -f "/tmp/SDCard_AutoProcessing" ]; then
	rm /tmp/SDCard_AutoProcessing


exit 0

End Script


Copy stdout to script log also

#} # | tee -a ${SYSTEM_SCRIPTS_LOG}

Output script log end info

#echo "End:$?: basename $0 date"
#echo “”

so, as you see, you can configure it as you wish, to put all in one defined folder always, or so on…

just remember, there may be a situations with the same filenames, then.

also, do not expect any help with all that from WD - you are on your own, but at least, there be a possibility to do something…

Thanks for that but I´m not a programmer and I assume I will completely kill my WD drive when I touch it :wink:

And I don´t have any /sbin folder on my WD drive. Maybe I have deleted it… OMG

that was on wireless pro system partition, accessible via ssh.
i am either not programmist, and not so skilfull to change scripts with confidence, so, you can try to find programmist / sysadmin, who was familiar with BASH scripting, if you really need that changes…

Would be nice to have it but not really worth the effort.

thats on your own.
sadly, all in all, wireless pro was very idiotic by software design, device.
looks like, created by marketologs, not by engineers.
have shitty non-offswitching bells and whistles, who destruct all drives real functionality…

only plus there - there is linux on base, and ssh access to it, so, we can try to make device working by turning off that unneed bells and whistles - yet, with price to lost a official warranty, sadly.

and even more sadly, there was no concurent product in market.
if apple produce mobile wireless hdd with samba / ftp, i bought it, instead of that half-working lame device, even if it was 2 times higher price :\

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Tomorrow I´m gonna test the Intenso Memory 2 Move Pro which is half the price of the WD. From the specs it sounds like it does what I want (SD card backup on location).