Change content source

I have the live streaming media player. I can connect to a shared network folder and media servers I have set up. What I can not do is change from one shared folder to another or to a media server from the shares. When I  plugged in a usb drive I don’t know how to change the contest source to access the usb drive. The only way I’ve been able to change the content source is to unplug the device from the network then I get the menu to change content source.

Press the red button after selecting VIDEOS.

Thanks for your help. I have pushed the red button. I just takes me back to the current folders on the same source.  I don’t get the option to change content source.

Thanks to being sent to the red button on my remote I got thinking maybe the setting on the remote got changed. That was the problem.  Somebody had set all my colored button to “sort and filter content”.