Change aspect ratio normal-widescreen on remote

I want to buy a new WD MP model, it is possible change aspect ratio 4/3-16/9 on fly (It is important to me),


TV aspect ratio settings are in the “Setup” menu …  *Wide / Normal*

If you have a Widesrceen TV (16:9) set it *Wide*  … if you have a Old CRT Clunker (4:3) set it *Normal*

no, there isn’t a “Aspect” button on the Remote Control for quick “on the fly access”

But, there should be one on your TV Remote Control… if it’s a modern TV.

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my tv has only possibility widescreen display images …
in any case, thanks for your response

then set the WDTV to “Wide” … and use the “option” button and select  “Zoom” if you want to get rid of “Black Bars”  on any video that is not filling the screen to your liking. eg. 4:3 Zoom to crop the Black Bars on the left and right. (but you will lose vertical hieght picture information)

Since you can’t change the aspect, if we’re talking about movie files, you could change them at source, wherever they are, on your hard drive or computer. Then they will stream how you want them. You can do it easily with Freemake Video Converter, and it is free! It has done this very same thing for me. If you decide to try it, there’s a nice little guide here on YouTube explaining how to do it in Freemake.