Change Administrator name on MBWE

I administer my MBWE White light NAS using the Admin account (with a new password) that I first set up my laptop (vista Home 64) with. However, I actually use a named user account on a daily basis, and the NAS does not connect automatically – when I want to use the drive from the laptop, I have to sign-on with the Administrator name and password. It makes much more sense to change the account on the MBWE to match the one I am regularly using on the laptop. I can see how to rename the MBWE, I can see where to change the Administrator password, but I cannot see how to change the Administrator name. Can anyone help me do this please…

Mike C

I’m sorry but there isn’t a way to change the Admin name on the NAS unit. You can only change the password. One thing that you can do is create a user with the same name that you use on your computer and assign that user to the folders on the drive under Full Access. Then you should have the same access rights as the Admin of the unit.


Thank you for clarifying that I cannot change the name of the administrator. This and your other advice on users leads me think that I should explain my problem, because I may be asking the wrong question.

OS is Vista Home 64. I set the drive up using WD discovery in automatic mode, and it established the public shares. (pre-Vista) I always thought public meant naturally public to all users. As I said I do all my work  in a named account not the Admin account. This named account has full admin privileges in Windows. I am reluctant to change all this to a different user, and don’t understand how this might help.

When I log into my PC admin account, which has the same name and password as the MBWE admin the public folders on the NAS are immediately mapped and available.

When I log into my PC named user account, which clearly has a different name and password to the MBWE the public folders on the NAS are immediately mapped and visible, but are not available. When I try to access them for any reason I am prompted for the MBWE user and password (i.e. Admin etc). It wont let me quote the named user and password, even though I have shared folders on the drive…

I can clearly cope, but it is messy and I don’t understand what is going on - neither of which I like. Its probably a Vista thing and I can’t work it out, hence my thought about changing the admin name on the NAS.

Can you advise anything to try?


Mike C .

Typically if you create a user on the MBWE that has the same username and password as the user on your computer, Windows should pass the credentials on to the drive if the folders are mapped already. This way it doesn’t always ask for a UN and PW. You can try disconnecting the mappings, reboot, and then re-connect them. Make sure to check that box that allows reconnecting at login.

If the share is set for “Public” access then it shouldn’t require a login or password, it should allow anonymous logins. Sometimes Windows may be set to not allow anonymous users. I’ve seen this happen with XP and up. You can check on Microsoft’s site to see how to possibly adjust this. Sometimes in may require a registry edit (usually XP) or adjustments to the policy of the system and/or User Account Control.