Challenges Copying Files

When I try to copy files from my computer to my WD ShareSpace I will typically loose connection to the device at some point (there is no consistency) and I get an error message indicating the drive cannot be found. Once that occurs the WD ShareSpace is no longer accessible from my computer unless I reboot.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and, if so, what was the remedy?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

This drive is Ideal for small workgroups of 5 to 10 computers not more, that may be the case, if not, try assigning static ip to the drive, there may be IP conflict in the network, or if you have a domain, join to a domain or vice

You can also try resetting the device using the reset button on the back, push and hold for about 20 seconds, will only reset network configurations and admin’s password, it will not delete any data.

if the problem persist, i guess you may need to reset the drive to factory default, of course you save your data somewhere else then you do it:

  • network storage manager - advanced mode - system - configuration, then restore factory default.

Thank you. I configured the device with a static IP address when I installed. I will try the reset options.

Having the same issue.  Were you able to find a solution for this problem.  Pulling my hair out.  Thanks.