Chage the case of the hard disks of 1 TB WD Passport

Hello,i have a 1T WD and i cannot acces to it anymore,can i just open it and remove  the disks inside and put them to a new case,is that possibledoes that works,has anyone tried this, i have some documents inside that i must have so please if any one has any idea let me know,thank u all.

Depends, if you have a Smartware model then it’s not going to work since the physical drive is hardware encrypted.

to add a little more here, I hope you didn’t mean to open the hard drive up inside the case and try to move those platters to another case.  cause that would destroy the drive.  besides, I think those drives come with the usb port soldered directly to the internal drive.  so you wouldn’t be able to change external cases anyway.