CES 2013 were presented two models WD5000M13K and WD10S13X

Since the exhibition no information about these SSHD not. Although several mestsev ago on Ebay selling models WD10J13X with the same characteristics (WD BLACK WD10J13X 1TB 5400RPM 24GB NAND 6.0GB/s 2.5" 9.5" Hybrid SSHD). Maybe, company officials can clarify the situation?

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Some device models may be introduced with a particular identification model number and released under a different one. Other devices may still not be ready to be released even if they were previously introduced.

Unfortunately, us Moderators are not provided with internal development roadmaps, and as such we are not aware of the status of these models (Released under a different model, or not released and still undergoing development).