Certificate issue on external connection

Hi Guys, some help needed if possible.

I have had a 2TB Mycloud for 2 years which has worked perfectly with full remote access from anywhere in the world.

So i bought a 3TB device to add to my storage. The 2 devices have different IP addresses and device names.

Both devices can be accessed on my home network using wd2go login via any browser, the wd software or the 2 wd ipad apps.

The minute i remove from my home network and attempt to connect from work, or anywhere else, i get the attached message.

I attempt to accept the certificate and then the browser will open up a new window and eventually lock up, at this point when i re navigate through any of the methods of viewing my device it will tell me its offline and can no longer be accessed.

If i then click on the 2TB device i still have full access and no problems.

Last night i spent all evening resetting my 3TB device, checking all settings other than the obvious are the same as the 2TB device and accessing it on my home network using the web, wd software and my ipad apps.

The minute i came to work this morning the same bloody error message appears and now my device is offline and i can’t change squat on it!!!

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as i still think they are bloody good devices and my 2TB was reletively easy to set up!!!



Have you enable the remote access on the 3 TB unit? If not, please try that. Also, you can try resetting the drive.

Accessing two MyCloud drives can prove difficult. You may need to change the ports on one device (they default to 80 and 443). If both devices are left at default, your router won’t know how to distinguish them.

Dashboard/Settings/General/Cloud Access/Configure

You may then have to configure your router to forward the matching ports to the MyCloud (if you have enabled UPnP control of your router, this may not be necessary).

Also try removing and readding your drive: WEBUI > Settings > Cloud Access > remove and readd your email