Certain Files and folders not visible on OS5 Web Access for PR2100

I have a PR2100, now on OS5. I primarily use mac computers, and Google Chrome Browser.

I drag a file onto one of my shares, and go to the web access, and it is not visible there. Some are some aren’t. At Admin level I should see everything. This is even a week or so after I have dropped something up. Also not visible to users I have added trying to get these files remotely.

Why can’t I access all my files via web access? What more info do you need to help me?

Thank you.

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I think I was able to solve my own problem. I think it had something to do with afp vs smb protocol. I was accessing the server using the built in icon in Mac’s “Finder” which I’m guessing by default makes an afp protocol connection? Because when I used “go to server” and an smb protocol, all I did was open a share and suddenly everything was visible on os5 web access. So if I had to guess, I think using smb to connect is more stable for the NAS OS? Totally guessing, but problem seems solved now.