Century's tragedy

Hi every body

In this time i have no idea

My hard not work properly

info: Wd6400bpvt 2.5" sata

Yestrerday i start edit partition to install new os System crashed & i must restart system

at all, in this time hard will not detect It have cycle but not detect

It will not work in hddbox in windows or linux

It will not show in device manager

some software like acron & Wd life gaurd… did not detect it

Since connect with sata or hddbox it take power off every 1-2 minute

Ofcorse if i realease it for some hour will work for a bit(1-2w minute)(i dont know why, why?)

I have no tools than some live linux distro

i get it to a fixer & said me it take about 50$ maximux

Can i recover it to life(data are not important) & also they have some badtrack

Pls help

In my region hdd are very expencive

good look

Sounds like a dead hard drive, try to contact support to see if you can replace it. 


 thanks for replay