CEC/Anynet+ not working


I recently bought my second WD TV Live, because I have been very happy with it using it in one room, now I want to use it in another room to replace a very noisy HTPC. One of the features that I wanted to use is the CEC capabilities. Only… those do not work with my Samsung TV/Onkyo receiver set-up.

The TV immediately recognizes the WD TV as an Anynet+ device (Anynet+ being the Samsung name for their CEC implementation), but after that it’s a no-go. The WD TV just does not react at all. It works fine with my Raspberry PI, so I know that the Onkyo passes the CEC signals from my TV on to the device connected to it’s port(s), and that the cables all support CEC. It also does not work if I connect the WD TV directly to the TV (so without the receiver involved).

At start up, the WD TV upgraded to version 2.02.32. I have since then activated CEC through the setup menu but it didn’t work. I then returned the WD TV to the factory settings, then re-activated CEC (as per a suggestion I found via Google), but that did not change anything.

I am kind of out of ideas now, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


Oh, I also tried it with the other, older WD TV, but it behaves the same (it’s also updated to 2.03.32). So I think I may just be out of luck.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support