CD Included in Box

Please pardon my ignorance.  I’m terribly new at this, having just gotten my WDTV Live today.  I’ve set it up and have actually watched a couple of shows with it. 

I just followed the instructions on the User Manual that I downloaded from this website.  Nowhere does it tell me how and when to use the “Documentation and Software” CD that’s included in the box.  If I remember correctly, the only time that it’s mentioned in the Manual (aside from it being shown as part of the box’s contents) is under “Common Error Messages,” which is a couple of pages after “Troubleshooting.”

I’m probably missing something.  I hope somebody could tell me what the CD is for.

It has the full manual on it, and I think there’s a utility on there that can edit tags on media or something like that.  I didn’t load it either.  ;)

Ah, I see.  It’s good to know that it’s not mandatory to load this software.  For a while there I was scared that I had missed an important part in the installation procedure.  Thanks, Tony.