Cd /dvd format

Sorry if been answered already but what is the best format to copy cds and dvds?  I will be copying my cd and dvd collection to my readynas duo and then using wd tv live hub to stream them.  Space isnt an issue.  I wanted to be able to see the album art, menus, etc.  Also what is the best software to use? I currently have dvdfab. I wanted to know everyones opinion on which format I should copy the cds in and which format I should copy the dvds in. I didnt want to spend a ton of time and wind up doing it wrong so figured I ask the experts on here. Thanks.

If you are Windows user

I recommend DVD Shrink

you can make 1:1 iso copies that will run perfectly on hub.

For CD Ripping and tagging I use Media Monkey, mp3.

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Great thanks Foetus!