CCTV DVR Reports WD60PURZ as invalid disk

Hi, guys i just changed a wd 6 tb purple hdd from hikvison [16 channel] to hi-focus cctv Dvr [24 channel] which already has 1tb wd 10purz in it ,upon installing the 6tb and booting the dvr,it reported “invalid disk found do you wish to format it” and i formatted it,after checking the disk space i found it reports only 3.5Tb out of 5.5 tb and 935Gb of 978Gb[which is correct] and so i formatted again,it still shows only 3.5tb and every time i reboot the Dvr,it keeps saying invalid disk found and asks me to format it andshows me 0b not sure if drive is malfunctioning or the dvr is not supporting a 6tb Size? what could be the problem guys ?the drive has warranty till 2021.Thank you.

Тебе повезло , гарантия есть. А уменя три года пролежал пока клиент ремонт доделал а тепер трещит и гарантия до ноября 2019 года была. Неси по гарантии если еще есть. А так может твой регистратор 6Тв не поддерживает?

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