Ccan't login to drive!

Haven’t used this box in a while.

Tried today, will not accept username and password I THOUGHT I had written down correctly.

I’ve tried re-setting several times, both by the ‘user manual’ method, of powering down, then up, with the reset button pressed on powering up. Also tried another method I’ve seen hereabouts, of just pressing the reset button for 20 secs.

In neither case will it accept the default login - username ‘admin’ and password ‘123456’

Is there anything else I can try?

any help appreciated.


ID/pass are admin/admin

'Fraid that doesn’t work for me…

also, that’s not the default given in the manual - it’s ‘admin’ and ‘123456’ - which doecn’t work either.


DId you write to WD? They tentd to take their time with answers but they do answer.

Thanks Jacob - I’ll try that.