Cavier blue wdbaav500 will not display in win2000 as the box says

cavier blue wdbaav500 will not display in win2000 as the box says

I have spent 3 days trying to format this drive so it shows up in win2kpro but it will not. it will only display in 9x.

Im replacing a 160gig maxtor  fat32 formated drive, drive is formated as such, first 150gig is fat32, rest of the drive is ntfs.

I have use free format tools, I have tried knoppix and ubuton linux format tools, I bought a $50 program, I got a copy of old partition magic 8.0 that was designed for larger drives and to run in 2k and 9x.

no matter what I do, or how I do it, neither the fat32 or ntfs will show up in win2k.

The drive is “there” but when clicked it asked to format, then say it cannot format.

[ihave even used the clone partition and data tool in pq, still will not display in win2k, it has to be the drive itself, not the formation or partition. The 160gig maxtor its replacing shows fine.]

in win9x, it shows and displays fine.

DO I take this drive back to best buy n shove it up their nose for saying it would work or???

annoying that the box says windows 2000 compatable but none of the software WD has for ths drive runs in win2k.

ok took it back to bestbuy. wd tech said it will never work in windows 2000 reguardless ift the box says it will