Caviar SE Kills MB's?

Hi –

Bought new HDD for older computer, working fine, months later, old computer dies. Linux OS, EIDE Interface for HDD.

OK, time to get new computer, get new computer, all SATA, no EIDE, can’t add old hdd to new computer.

OK, put old hdd in very old computer just want to get data off over a network, the reformat and use as backup drive. Very old computer copies half the data over network and then dies. OK, it was getting ready to do so.

OK, get USB dongle thing to read HDD, get data off of it. Linux, USB device not both perfect, won’t read HDD. Install Linux FS driver on Windows computer, try to read through USB device, that doesn’t work either.

Take home, just want to get data off, put in old Linux computer that’s been running fine for several years, Computer boots up, recognizes HDD, wants to to Linux version of Scandisk, ok, does that, wants to reboot so ok to that.

On rebound, get four long beeps and nothing. Read somewhere that four long beeps might be CPU fan, but nothing really definite.

Still, is it possible for HDD to kill mother boards? Computers recognize Linux partitions, but then die. This is *not* something I think of a\s “failing gracefully”.

3 MB’s including first one – I sure don’t want to test it out on any more of my computers.

Thanks for any info.

Since there’s been no replies, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support