Caviar Green WD20EARs-00MVWB0 start and stop


got a problem with a 2TB mentionned disk.

Proc : core i7 920

Motherboard : Asus P6T

RAM : G.Skill - triple channel - 6x2048Mo DDR3 PC12800 - CL9-9-9-24 - 1.5V - F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ

Windows 7 64bit pro

System drive OCZ Vertex 2 120GB

Power : Seasonic M12-600 V2.0 600 watts

Graphics : GTX275 + GTS250

Other drives:

1x Caviar Green WD20EARs-00MVWB0 start and stop

2x Samsung HD103SJ / HD103UJ

1x Velociraptor 300GB

Problem :

I boot up, no problem I have acces to the caviar green. Then sometimes, the disk shut down (just this one, I don’t know if it is realy a shutdown) no more acces to disk.

In disk management the disk disappear.

Right click : rescan disk => sometimes, the disk reappear for a while.

As Liloo said in the fith element : “Please help”.

I check Data Lifeguard diag  SMART status PASS

Quick test PASS

Long test : FAIL (too many bad sector but the disk has “shutdown”

Thanks for reading.

can you please install hard disk sentinel and check the health of the disk and the smart values?.. you can printscreen here if you want