Caviar Green WD15EARS disappears from My Computer on reboot (Vista Ultimate 64)

I recently put a third hard drive (Caviar Green WD15EARS 1.5TB) into my PC and have been having a bit of an annoying problem with it.  Every time I start the computer (or reboot) it disappears from My Computer, requiring me to manually assign it a drive name in Disk Management.  It always shows up there, and any data on the drive isn’t affected.  I opened up the case and switched the SATA and power connectors around to see if that was a problem, but that didn’t seem to be the case as my second drive (a 1TB Caviar Black) works just fine on the same connectors.  I read somewhere that having an underpowered power supply might be the culprit, but as mine is 750W there should be power to spare.

Something I did notice when switching SATA cables around was that with the Caviar Black Vista automatically recognizes it by name as a new device in a little popup on the lower right of the task bar, whereas this doesn’t happen with the Caviar Green. Any guesses on why Vista doesn’t identify the Caviar Green in this way?

I also updated the SATA drivers to the latest version, something I had to do as initially the 1.5TB wouldn’t format past 73%.  The new drivers solved that problem, but it still leaves me with the disappearing drive name issue.

If anyone else has encountered this problem, and hopefully found a solution, please let me know.  Thanks.

You might want to double check that your sata ports are correctly configured in the bios.  Make sure that you don’t have something like raid ports set and you’re using one of them for the second drive. 

Also, you may want to try formatting the drive with GPT rather than MBR - or visa versa.  I would also, download DLG Diagnostics from WD to see if the drive is okay.  Run both the smart test and the extended test.  Hopefully, that helps.

I had the exact same problem with my WD15EARS.  I eventually found this Microsoft hotfix, which fixed the problem.  See this post for more information.