Caviar Green Troubles

I recently purchased 2 Caviar Green HDDs ( one 2Tb and one 3Tb) for my descktop (running window 7 x64). I was able to initially get the computer to recognize both drives and i was able to partition both drives using the windows built in disk manager. After doing so I restarted the computer. Side note: Neither drive was used to store the OS, or any program files. Upon restart the computer hangs on the motherboard’s splash screen. Which occurs before it is possible to access the BIOS.

I then powered off the computer and removed the HDDs , and reattched them in every possible configuration. The only configuration that currently works is to have my two new caviar HDDs disconnected with only my HDD containing the OS attached. (This configuration boots with no problem)

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I’ll suggest you to connect your drives into a different computer and write zeroes to each unit. Then connect one by one to your original computer and make sure to access the BIOS and verify the boot order.

awopero is right. it’s possible that the pc is trying to see them both at the same time.  this can happen when putting two essentially same drives in the computer at the same time.  when you write zeros, partition, and format the drives one at a time the computer can write a unique id to each drive.

Just one more thing when you format the 3T drive it needs to be GPT not MRB. Drives over 2T need GPT.