Caviar Green 3TB HDD has suddenly stopped working?


So the HDD has suffered no damage, and won’t show up at all on a Mac or a PC (tried the bios for this) - it just suddenly disappeared from finder in OSX, with no sign that it was failing on me. It’s only been in use for about 3 months!

I have never had anything like this happen to me, and the last backup of this drive was too long ago, so there’s data I am desperate to recover.

Any ideas? 


i have the same problem tonight happen now what??? what about all my DATA i am not impressed WD…


tell us more about the drive. when its connected to power supply, do you hear it spinning? any clicking sounds?

yep no clicks seems to start up then windows installs drivers then it wont show up in my computer …even under disk management it says Disk 1 not intialized  and when i try to intialize i get an error in windows “incorrect function” …dam.

try R-studio or another software recovery tool. if that does not work you may want to find a professional recovery place if data is what you after, then RMA the drive