Caviar Green 3TB 284,379 Load Cycle Count in only 131 days!

This seems astronomically large compared to my other drives (another 2TB Caviar Green also has this issue, 26,000 in only 10 days! Here’s a print screen of this on HD Sentinel.  [ removed link]   Is this something I should be worrying about and why would WD gimp their drives like this? I thought drives could safely go up to 300,000 load cycles and then are at risk of dying?

I read something about this the other day. Please use at own risk but you can disable or decrease the time of Intellispeed parking it’s heads: I had two of these drives, My 1TB (Half storage / half operating system drive) Heads dyed after just 2 years use. Prehaps related to over use of parking. Luckily I was able to copy data from the drive but at very slow read & write speeds of 1MB/Sec. I will prehaps use below methods to counteract this issue