Caviar Blue iternal used as an esternal

Hi,  I just purchased my HDD 1TB.  I used to have an external Iomega that had a hitachi in it.  The HDD died just after a year.  I purchased this WD 1TB and slipped it into the iomega case.  I pug it into the USB and you hear the noise that it connected, and the first time plugged in it installs the driver, but it does not show up as a usable drive?  I can’t see it listed in my computer.  I can see it in Devices and printers.  I am using Windows 7.

I also plugged it into another laptop with Vista and it did the same thing…makes the noise, insstalls the driver but does not show in my computer.  Any ideas?

Go to disk management and initialize the disk

Thanks for the reply.  I had to do a simple volume on it so it would format it NTFS and give t a drive letter.