Caviar Blue 640aaks gone paperweight


I  need some guidelines for data rescue from a hard drive. Bought the disk somwhere in september of 2009 and it worked since then with no apparent issues whatsoever, suddenly last friday i booted up my work rig (mind you this was my backup drive) and no go… windows refused to boot… i formated the system drive, instaled win and when i went for my drivers and accesoried dir on G: (the backup drive)  the disk wasn’t there… i rebooted, went bios and  no disk there… i checked him by hand and disk doesnt spins up on start… not even a glich of hope…

Is there a possibility to get a eide bord from another disk and get the data via some data recovery software or am i doomed

PS i realy need those projects… my job depends on it :D…

Tnx in advance…


After some searching i found some answers so i realise i have to be realy lucky to find a board pair with matching DCM

so… if i could put a picture of it and some of you smart persons could tell me witch things to short for a blown fuse/overvolt protection problem…

I just need to get data from it… after that its paperweight fo’real :smiley:


Well i took the plate of and the worst scenario is there… its a fryed chip… the one of the 3 biggest… squared one… ill try to read and post the exact name…


You’re probably looking at going to a data recovery service for this. 


Can you upload a detailed photo to a file sharing service?

If the motor controller chip (eg SMOOTH) has failed, then you may be able to swap the board, but only if there is an external serial EEPROM. If the EEPROM data are internal to the MCU (eg Marvell 88ixxx), then you will need your board supplier to transfer the ROM contents from patient to donor.