Caviar Blue 500GB recognized as a USB device?

Hi, I recently attached a new Caviar Blue 500GB (WD50 00AAKX- 001CA0) to my computer, Win 7 64bit, Asus Motherboard (P7H55-M/USB3), to the SATA3 connector (White) with the cable supplied in the Motherboard package. Everything is working fine, its just that I allegedly (haven’t tried) have an option to remove it from the “Safely Remove Hardware” function as though it is a USB device. Is it Normal? This Hard Disk is the one I Boot from so I’m afraid it will be mistakenly removed than I will have a problem. Thank you, Woodyg

It is possible to post a picture of this?

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This is normal if you use eSATA port to connect your drive. eSATA allows you to hot swap your HDDs. It this is not the case, look on Asus support site for chipset driver/BIOS updates. Also consult with Asus forum.

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Sure, couldn’t find a way to upload it here so I used external host, hope its O.K. URL= [][/URL]