Caviar Black support Advanced Format?

 Hello, the model Caviar Black 2TB WD2001FASS is compatible with the Advanced Format?

To my knowledge, only the “Greens” support Advanced Format.

I believe it has something to do with spindle speed.  If AF were to be implemented on a “Black”, the performance would actually be worse.

The sector that advanced format changes is the same “allocation size” that appears when formatting a hard drive in windows 7? Because when formatting my HD, I chose the default option.

Sorry if the text is meaningless, I am Brazilian and I’m not good in English. :smiley:

No, it’s not the same.

“Allocation size” is the smallest amount a file can use.  Under NTFS, all volumes from 7MB to 16TB would default to 4kB.  If you have a 2kB file, it still must “fill up” a full 4kB on the disk… another file can’t use that “unused” 2kB.  This does lead to a little bit of wasted space, but there are technical reasons for it.

The sector sizes that the hard drive actually uses for storing those allocation units is what is changed under “Advanced Format”.

A 4kB allocation block would occupy a total of 8 physical sectors on the disk, under standard 512-byte sectors.

The same 4kB allocation block would occupy one physical sector on the disc under 4kB Advanced Formatting.

It still takes up the same amount of room, it just uses a different number of sectors, of a different size.   It’s like having 20 R$… it is the same total whether you have 2 x 10 R$, 4 x 5 R$, or 20 x 1 R$.  In some cases it better to have one combination, and in other cases a different combination would be best.

Changing the “allocation size” in Windows won’t change the sector size that the hard disk uses.

Hopefully I didn’t confuse you, because your English is better than my Portuguese. :wink:

Now also blue supports AF: (WD10EALS)

Whether this technology will come to the Caviar Black?

Some releases I’ve found say that WD eventually plans to add AdvancedFormat to all the Caviars.  I don’t know if that’s still the plan or not, or whether those releases were ever true to begin with.

At the moment, to my knowledge, an AdvancedFormat Green performs slightly better than a standard Green, but both still perform worse than a standard Black, and there is no apparent change in usable storage between a stock Green and an AdvancedFormat Green.