Caviar Black problem

Greetings everyone,

I have a problem… I bought WD Caviar Black 500GB 7 months ago and I’m starting to have problems… My windows started crashing 1 month ago. It happent on reboot after Starting Windows screen, i would get Check NTFS disk for consistency. When it finished pc would reboot and start doing same for other disk partition. After it did other partition it would reboot and do first partition again. And so on, and on and on… I couldn’t boot my PC unless I canceled that CHECK NTFS.

I reinstalled windows several times (original genuine windows) and same thing would happen every 6-7 days, actually after i would start installing some stuff on my PC.

I did quick WD Diagnostic scan and it showed errors so I took my disk on warranity… 10 days after I got phone call from store saying disk is ok, we did tests format and windows.

I took my disk home installed windows and did WD diagnostic full scan which showed results that i will post in picture here.

I’ve sent email to that store and they said: You must do scan on empty disk.

My question is: Are they making ■■■■■ out of me?? Is my disk going dead? Do I have right for replacement??

My PC is working OK now, considering there is only windows, avast and chrome on it… :S

Please give me some assist…

Hi we can’t see your picture but if the WD diagnostic full scan showed errors yes you can RMA the drive with WD from here.