Caviar Black problem!

I’ve built my PC today but the hard disk is giving me a lot of problems yes it’s connected to the SATA_0 which is 6GBps but it’s not working at all freezing while trying to do partitions in windows installation… ubuntu isn’t able to load… it’s telling me cannot find live file system something like this GParted isn’t able to make a partition it fails to do so

Most of the things is failing…

When in Windows installation(W7) I make the partition it takes a long time of loading and then it finish but hard disk disappears… , If I click next without making partitions I get an error 0x8030025 

Should I RMA the hard disk ?


Someone else with more knowledge can help more perhaps, but have you checked if the drive has Advanced Format (4k blocks)?

There’s a ‘WD Align’ utility to align the partitions for 4k blocks I think.

See this page:,2554-3.html