Caviar Black 3TB

Hey, I’m curious when does(or should I say if) WD plan to release the Caviar Black 3TB drive? I’ve been using Western Digital drives exclusively in my machine since the early 90’s because of their high reliability and performance. It’s nearing time I upgraded again and I’ve been looking out for a 3TB Sata 3 drive from you guys to run for data storage. 

I prefer to useyour Black series drives because they come with a 5 year warranty and they’re optimized for High performance. I’m very disappointed that the ONLY option I have for that size drive with your company is the Green series or switching to another vendor. While other manufacturers are preparing to release 4TB drives your company seems to have lagged behind it significantly. I’m not opposed to delaying my hard drive purchase for awhile longer if I can be given some assurance that a suitable drive will be released in the near future at a reasonable price.

Are you planning to skip the 3TB model altogether or is there some reason you can provide a long-time customer on the seemingly EXTREME delay?

Difficult to know, maybe if you call tech support they can let you know.

Well, I just spoke with a representative from WD: (Call # [Edited]) a very pleasant individual who claims to have “spoke with a senior technician that has access to higher management” who then informed me that they do not in fact have any information as to the Caviar Black 3TB drive’s release date or even IF they intend to produce one. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Western Digital.

Well, that’s just all kinds of disappointing.