Caviar Black 1T - speed issues

Got 2 x 1T HDs in Windows 7 64.  Data transfer speed for 14Gb between the 2 HDs, on average 11Mb/s - Thought I was buying faster HDs with improved data transfer speeds but it turns out I could get much higher speeds with my old 500Mb Samsungs. Do I need a firmware update, driver? Is there any solution for this issue?



Asus P5E3 Ws Pro Motherboard

Intel Quadcore 6600 running at 3.2 Ghz

8Gb Crucial DDR3 1333 Ram

2 x WD 1T Caviar Black in AHCI mode

That’s way too slow, there’s a bottleneck somewhere. What about if you try a benchemark with HD tune?