Caveats on Simultaneous use as Time machine backup & multiple file access on Mac Network


I’m a first time user of a WD Live on a Mac network (Dink Wireless) with a Mac BookPro (Lion) iMac (Snow Leopard) MacMini, IPad& ipod.

I immediately made folders within the individual shares & started copying files from & to the WD drive in finder & between Macs. I also started making editing changes on the iPad to pdf files on the NAS

Are there any caveats on this sort of use? Can I safely use the WD as a proper server drive  while also using unlimited mac file sharing between computers. 

I’ve noticed that the MacBookPro slows considerably when a time machine backup is on & I try to access the NAS simultaneously.  Is it normal to schedule backups rather than use wireless time machine backups in this situation? The software seems to do a complete backup each time & shows only the last backup in WD dashboard 



will be better if you use the schedule backup, on that way you can set that up to run when you are not using the computers…  this unit is intended to allow you multiple access and sharing files within your network.