Cause of Corrupt Data

There are a lot of posts on problems that appear to be caused by corrupt data one possibly is by not removing drive properly. I wonder how many of these people especially with a laptop or desktop with PC on desk simply click shutdown and pull USB cable as soon as the desktop begins closing instead of waiting for total shutdown. I suspect they think Windows is shutdown as soon as they click so it is ok to unplug. Any thoughts on this? Maybe WD should add a warning in the proper removal section. A lot of PC users are pretty clueless in general.

I think you’re right Joe… I think the 2 main causes for corruption are improper shutdown, and USB-powered drives that don’t get sufficient power from the USB port.

But I thought shutting down and removing were covered in the manuals.

You can lead a horse to water…

I think the instructions mainly stresses to click on icon and wait for prompt to remove. I’ve noticed occasionally Windows is a little slower shutting down, obviously it’s writing something. I also wonder how much of this corruption is from using USB drive on mutiple PCs with defferent OSs?

On the power issue did you see the post about turning plug in receptacle 180 deg? I messaged Bill and he passed it along. I think the biggest problem with USB powered drives is that builders use wimpy power supplies and there has been a real explosion of USB powered things the last few years. Charge your cell phone and Ipod to name a couple. Printers have largely switched to USB and now mouse and keyboards are heading that way. Probably the older the PC the bigger the problem. I can’t believe the number of people loading Windows 7 on PCs over 5 years old.