Categorizing your files

I just plugged in and set up a new external drive. It has been categorizing my files for several hours now. I have no idea what to do. Any thoughts?

Sounds like smartware to me :neutral_face:

What version is it and what operating system do you use? Also the time it will need depends on the amount of data, the speed of your computer and if the computer is stressed or idle…

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Actually, I discovered my firmware needed to be updated, which I did - but it seems only to have led me to he next problem. Now’ Backup starts and appears to be running quickly in the background. Then, after a few minutes, the whole system gets WAAAAY kludgy. When I click on Smartware, it finally show up after a couple of minutes and Backup appears to have stopped. This has happened twice. Most recently at 34 GB out of 47 GB backed up. Am using a 2 TB MyBook and Windows 7, 64 bit.