Case Sensitive File System

I recently bought a 3TB MBL and I’ve been really impressed with it performance wise over the wire it’s nice and quick.

However I was hoping to store all my documents on their and work directly from the NAS drive when a spanner got thrown into the works : 

Screen shot 2011-09-18 at 13.06.55.png

Oh dear. Is there anyone who has formatted their drive to HFS (or a different case insensitive file system) and managed to retain the MBL OS? I have a little knowledge but not enough to attempt this and I don’t want to destroy my brand new box so if anyone has any pointers this is a bit of a show stopper for me so far!

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You can probably reformat the /DataVolume partition to fat32, though it’ll mean embracing all the limitations of fat32. I don’t know how to make ext4 case-insensitive.This would be done by connecting over ssh, finding and editing the scripts used to mount partitions at boot, umount /DataVolume, and then reformat. I wouldn’t want a 3TB FAT32 partition, if that’s even possible. 

I think I would create a file, format it as fat32, mount it somewhere, and share the contents. Something along the lines of

dd if=/dev/zero of=/DataVolume/FatVolume.img bs=4k count=8388608 #That’s 32gb if I got the multiplication right

mkfs.vfat /DataVolume/FatVolume

mkdir /DataVolume/shares/FAT

mount -o loop /DataVolume/FatVolume /DataVolume/shares/FAT

Couple of potential problems with this. You need shell access, and to be more willing to look up the mkfs syntax than me. The share is easily added, just edit /etc/samba/overall_share. You also need to build / download the loopback module though. Directions for that are here

If you trust me, a loop.ko I built a while ago can be downloaded here until such point as I remember to delete it. So, it’s easily done, provided you have some basic knowledge of linux. 

Have you tried using Samba to connect instead of AFP?   Samba can be made to be non-case-sensitive.